Pharmos Natur

With PHARMOS NATUR you experience the unique and regenerative effect of selected, adaptogenic healing & rejuvenating plants on your skin.


The SACRED PLANTS are processed attentively and holistically. Their rich active ingredients, intense light energy and high vibration are contained:

  • in our valuable care products - with active ingredient-rich aloe vera instead of water, without the addition of alcohol and without classic preservatives
  • in our precious face and body care oils
  • in our Life-saving remedies ® for beauty care from within, health maintenance and regeneration as well as for rejuvenation of the skin.

You can feel and see the intensity and effectiveness on your skin, even after the first treatment.

You can also trust this quality especially if you have sensitive skin.

The highlight in your PHARMOS NATUR treatments is the application of our very special aloe vera fresh plant leaf. The skin completely absorbs the moisturising gel. The many active ingredients nourish, repair and regenerate the cells. Now the skin ageing process can slow down considerably. Radiant, wonderful skin is the result. Freshness and vitality flow through your entire body.

Experience pure well-being in your entire BEING!

Why use aloe vera instead of water as the basis for the products?

It is a very special aloe vera - from Ecuador and from Yucatán. It is blessed with an incredible treasure of active ingredients. Due to its viscosity and consistency, with a unique repair complex, the gel of the aloe vera is completely absorbed into the skin, taking all the active ingredients of the precious healing and rejuvenating plants with it into the depths. Water, on the other hand, remains on the skin's surface. The holistically produced organic primal juice used by PHARMOS NATUR has properties that are very similar to those of the cellular fluid in the body. You can feel and see this pure plant power with every application. Because unadulterated nature works.

Deep well-being and visible results on the skin

The rich active ingredient complex of aloe vera in combination with various healing & rejuvenating plants carries out repair processes on the cells and improves cell communication. It influences the cell matrix in a great and positive way. Oxidative processes are stopped and the cells are supplied with rich nutrients so that they live and work in abundance. Cellular waste that has been deposited is expelled. The blood vessels are elastic and can supply the cells well with nutrients. Collagenous and elastic connective tissue regenerate again and again. The skin remains firm for a long time and radiates youthfulness. The appearance and health of the skin are sustainably strengthened and premature skin ageing is slowed down.

Face treatments

Experience how it feels when bliss floods your senses, when tension and stress drain from your body.

Enjoy the miracles that mindful touch can work, on your skin and deep inside.

The gentle cleaning with peeling, intensive massage with the special Aloe Vera leaf and a regenerade mask are the basics in every face treatment. The care of face-throat and cleavage let the skin shine. The therapeutist is going to be paid with Your momentaneos needs and mental state.

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Body treatments

Decide You the center and the intensity:

Head, throat and neck, shoulders, arms and hands, cleavage, stomach, back untill the legs and feets!

Your therapist caters to your current needs!

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Body Wraps

Healthy minds live in healthy bodies. Our tried-and-tested treatments detoxify, tone and nourish, thus ensuring particularly intensive results. They improve your skin’s appearance and texture in cases of cellulite, supply the skin with lasting moisture or highly effective anti-ageing complexes and minerals. Choose your focus.

Discover, how 20 minutes can restructure Your skin.

Grant You a Sacred Plants drugpack!

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