Silberquarzit Experience

Your personal opportunity to get back to yourself

SilberQuarzit® gives you the possibility to switch off from stress and the busy everyday life.

Silver Quartzite is an metamorphic stone only available in Vizze Valley, South Tyrol. It is included among the scientifically recognized healing minerals.

In combination with relaxing technics the Silver Quartzite enables the body to active its self-healing powers.

All the different “Experiences” are based on the traditional European Medicine, which considers nature as a healing power.

The healing power of Silver Quartzite is improved using regional wild plants.

Silver Quartzite is effective for strengthening the immune system and reducing the stress production.

It also stimulates mental and physical openness, helping the “letting go”, relieving physical, psychological, and emotional loads. 

Try SilberQuarzit® and choose to take care of yourself!

Let yourself be surprised by the various high-quality applications and the only healing earth in South Tyrol.

Get inspired from the silver quartzite video.