Actively experience a holiday in Val Passiria/Passeiertal

Mountains and nature in their exquisite loveliness

A holiday in Val Passiria/Passeiertal offers plenty of amazing sights in both the summer and winter! During outdoor adventures you make lasting memories and gather impressions of the stunning mountains, intact nature and authentic charm. Set off on your activity day in South Tyrol just a few steps away from Hotel Stroblhof and explore the magical surroundings with a whole variety of activities. Although Val Passiria/Passeiertal may be small and peaceful the range of activities on offer is anything but small: it’s massive! As a result you can pursue your favourite type of sport on holiday in Val Passiria/Passeiertal and tap into nature’s energy at the same time.

Thanks to the extensive weekly programme at the Stroblhof with activities every day, you will not be bored for one second on holiday in Val Passiria/Passeiertal. At the same time, you decide which parts of the programme you would like to join in with and when you would prefer to explore the wonderful Passiria/Passeier mountains and the Texel Group Nature Park under your own steam. We don’t leave you on your own of course but will reveal a few genuine secret tips to you for your tours on holiday in Val Passiria/Passeiertal!