A children’s hotel in South Tyrol – 4-star fun outdoors

Our playground for letting off steam and playing around

Right in front of the children’s hotel in South Tyrol is a 4-star playground, which really lives up to its name. Little climbing monkeys, great explorers, castle conquerors, sliding professionals and carriage drivers have found a real paradise with plenty of room for their imagination here.

The order of the day on the Stroblhof playground in a sunny location is to play, let off steam and find new friends. Parents always have a good view of their children having fun on the slide, swings etc. A carousel and sandpit are also available for our young guests.

The children’s hotel in South Tyrol offers 4-star fun for everyone. Children and adults find a great deal that meets all their needs. We, your hosts, love making your dream holidays come true and offering you exactly the holiday you want. At the end of the day, your holiday is the most wonderful time of the year!

Welcome to the children’s hotel in South Tyrol, the 4-star Hotel Stroblhof!