San Leonardo/St. Leonhard in Passiria/Passeier – peaceful, multi-faceted

A place with history and a vision for the future

San Leonardo/St. Leonhard in Passiria/Passeier is the idyllic main village of Val Passiria/Passeiertal in South Tyrol and a wonderful spot on earth for anyone who loves the interplay between excitement and relaxation on holiday. San Leonardo/St. Leonhard village with 3,500 residents in Passiria/Passeier boasts one very famous citizen: Andreas Hofer, the Tyrolean freedom fighter, was born here and his story is told in the house where he was born, Sandhof, the heart of the Museo.Passiria/Museum.Passeier.

San Leonardo/St. Leonhard in Passiria/Passeier originated in the 12th century in a wide valley basin along the Passirio/Passer and doesn’t just have a lot to offer in terms of history. The idyllic mountain village is situated in the middle of an almost untouched natural landscape protected by the Ötztal, Stubai and Sarntal Alps. All you have to do is step outside the Stroblhof’s front door and you find yourself in the middle of nature’s theme park, which is particularly cherished by the people of Passiria/Passeier.

This devotion, this idyllic scenery, this charm is also appreciated by famous footballers – the German national team held their training camp in San Leonardo/St. Leonhard in Passiria/Passeier in 2014. The pleasant climate, numerous possible activities and the seclusion make the place a favourite with the public.

The Stroblhof is situated right in the middle of this holiday paradise and is the ideal starting point for your ventures.