We love nature

Sustainability has long been a theme at the STROBLHOF!

We are located in the middle of a green valley surrounded by unique nature. This is how we grow up here in the mountains, close to nature and nature-conscious. For us, our children and also for you dear guests, we run the STROBLHOF as sustainably as possible.

Our sustainability measures :

- Our energy comes from combined heat and power plants, which produce heat and electricity. One component is therefore 100% green.

- Our energy comes from the EUP, a local cooperative which obtains 100% of its energy from the local hydroelectric power station.

- In November 2022, a large wood chip heating system was built, gas was completely switched off, we now heat with wood chips from the Passeir forests and even from our own forest.

- We have not used plastic bottles in the house for several years now. 

- We obtain as much of our food as possible from local producers (Schiefer fish farm, Aignerhof farm, cheese from local farmers, herbs from Rosi Mangger from Fronigerhof, Ploner bakery, and much more).

- We ask our guests to be careful with water and resources. Together we can limit the amount of laundry in the house.

- Since 2021 we have our own field with 2.5 ha where a young farmer couple from the valley grows vegetables exclusively for the STROBLHOF. How good do our own tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, pumpkins, lettuces, radishes, potatoes, carrots and chives taste? Test it yourself!

- For the last 10 years we have had an electricity optimisation system that controls our machines in the house so that electricity is used optimally and consumption peaks are avoided.

- The cooling systems are linked to a heat recovery system. The heat is used.

- We have an electric bus for transporting guests to the riding stables.

New projects for 2023:

- In January 2023, to complete our new energy balance, a large photovoltaic system will be installed on the hotel roof, making the most of the 300 days of sunshine in South Tyrol.

- The hotel's Courtesy line will be new, a plastic-free and innovative line will replace disposable bottles. Produced with water from Merano by Piroche situated in Merano.

- Are you ready to take your flip flops on holiday? Every guest who doesn't use the hotel slippers because they brought their own will get a deduction on the hotel bill for their green footprint!