We warmly welcome you to the hotel!

From the art of indulging

We have been welcoming you to Hotel Stroblhof in Val Passiria/Passeiertal for three generations and the 4th generation is already in the starting blocks! You could say hospitality is in our blood and we are always delighted to be able to convince you of this time and time again!

Arrive, switch off and feel in seventh heaven from the very first moment. You literally feel how the weight drops off your shoulders, total calm sets in and the corners of your mouth slowly contentedly turn upwards. We believe that indulging is an art form and we would love to familiarise you with this art. With comprehensive service and tireless commitment we ensure, together with our team that you can enjoy every minute at Hotel Stroblhof to the full and feel at home in the inviting ambience of the Stroblhof.

We, that’s Sara Keller Pircher and Hansi Pircher with our children Julia, Hannes, Marcel and Vivian, do our very best every day to impress you and far exceed the expectations you have on your holiday. Hansi and Sara take care of the planning, future planning and management of the hotel, each is responsible for individual departments. Hannes found his way home after completing his studies in tourism management in Munich and has been actively involved in the management and daily business of the hotel since 2018. Julia has been managing the hotel's own equestrian farm and riding school since 2020. New to this is our horse breeding with Quarter and Paint Horses, in addition to the typical South Tyrolean Haflinger. The little ones are also an integral part of our Hotel Stroblhof, Marcel can be found in the summer helping with service and at the football pitch and swimming pool, and little Vivian loves to be in our children's club or at the riding school with her sister Julia.

Whether you’re a new or old familiar face, we will be delighted to welcome you to our home and raise a toast to your indulgent stay at Hotel Stroblhof with you!

The Pircher Family