Body Scrubs / Baths / Body Wraps / Silhouette

Discover the range of body treatments available at Siguna Spa including:
body scrubs on the heated marble slab
aroma baths for 2 with air massage and chromotherapy LED lighting system
body wraps in the Soft-Pack®system, a heated floating bed with occlusion effect
anti-cellulite treatments with medical-grade luxury cosmetics

one or two people:
Lie back and relax, while thousands of warm air bubbles gently massage your entire body and the underwater chromotherapy system provides an unparalleled light therapy effect, to balance and harmonise the body.
The underwater chromotherapy light can be set in a slow rotation or fixed color mode to soothe the body and enhance energy levels. Each color in the program has different characteristics, and bathers can select a specific light show to suit their mood.

The following drinks and snacks can be added at an extra charge:
59 € │ 1 bottle of champagne
24 € │ 2 glasses of champagne
12 € │ 2 glasses of Prosecco
15 € │ Chocolate strawberries
10 € │ Homemade canapés
15 € │ Refreshing fruit plate