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There is a lot to experience and discover in the area around the Stroblhof. We have summarised the most striking excursion destinations and sights for you here. But we’ll gladly share all the hidden gems with you personally during your stay.

Giovo/Jaufenburg castle

In the 13th and 14th centuries, when the lords of Passeier still ruled over the valley, the imposing Giovo/Jaufenburg castle was built to secure the route from Tyrol Castle over the Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass to Sterzing. Those who want to visit the castle today can look forward to illustrated panels on the castle’s history, a listening station with local legends, Renaissance paintings from 1538 by the famous painter Bartlmä Dill Riemenschneider, and a unique view from the castle’s fifth floor. Don’t miss the late-Gothic Church of the Holy Cross located just below the castle.

Distance: 1.5km


The Sandwirt in St. Leonhard is famous as the birthplace of the Tyrolean freedom fighter who led the uprising against Bavarian and French occupation in 1809. Today, the historic Sandwirt still stands as a reminder of this significant historical figure.

Distance: 1.6km

Schildhöfe farms

The eleven Schildhöfe farms in Val Passiria/Passeiertal were once the homes of peasants who had been raised to the lower nobility. In exchange for serving their lords within Tyrol, they were exempt from any tax obligations. These 13th-century farmhouses, reminiscent of castles, continue to captivate visitors today. Perched on hills, they boast features like turrets, frescoes, and sundials, presenting themselves with the grandeur of manor houses.

Distance: 7.3km

Bunker Mooseum

Unique and absolutely worth seeing, the Bunker Mooseum is located in a bunker from the 1940s, which the Italian fascist regime once used to prevent German troops from entering. Today, the many tunnels and storage rooms house regional exhibitions on the Texel Group Nature Park, the settlement, the contemporary history of South Tyrol, the Monteneve/Schneeberg mine, and the bunker experience itself.

Distance: 7.5km

Tappeinerweg trail

This trail, conceived and financed by the Vinschgau tourism pioneer Franz Tappeiner, is one of the longest and most beautiful high-altitude promenades in Europe. The approximately four-kilometre-long route leads from the Gilfpromenade to Gratsch through the impressive Burggräfler natural and cultural landscape. Numerous benches and vantage points along the 150-year-old path invite you to take a break and enjoy the panorama.

Distance: 19.0km

Terme Merano/Therme Meran

South Tyrol’s largest thermal park offers a record-breaking feel-good ambience between mountain peaks and palm trees, 365 days a year. For those desiring an exceptional spa experience, this is the place to be; 15 indoor and 10 outdoor pools, an expansive 2,200m² sauna area, a vast 52,000m² thermal park, and a myriad of other attractions are all just waiting to be discovered. Its therapeutic baths with health-promoting and pain-relieving thermal water are also popular.

Distance: 20.4km

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Sprawling over 12 hectares, the magnificent Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle showcase a dazzling array of local and exotic flora. There are more than 80 garden areas, which include not only flowers, trees, plants, and shrubs but also artists’ pavilions, interactive stations, themed areas, and temporary exhibitions. The Garden Nights, where artists from all over the world enchant the audience with music from a floating stage on the lily pond, are also very popular.

Distance: 21.4km

Merano/Meran 2000

Merano’s sun-drenched local mountain transforms with the seasons, offering skiing in winter and hiking in summer. A seven-minute panoramic cable car ride from the city centre takes you to the peak. Here, you will find 40 kilometres of thrilling ski slopes or 25 kilometres of scenic hiking paths, depending on the time of year. But that’s not all! The Alpin Bob, a fun-filled summer toboggan run for all ages, starts at the top station of the cable car. In the Snow Park, brave freestylers and snowboarders can prove their skills. And the best South Tyrolean delights are always available in the rustic mountain huts.

Distance: 22.8km

Muthöfe farms

The Muthöfe farms are located between 1,200m and 1,550m above sea level on the southern slope of the mighty Texel Group. Before 2006, the only way to access these farms was over challenging mule paths. Essential supplies, including food, were transported to the top in a cable car. Today, the impressive Muthöfe farms – some of which have been converted into rustic inns – are a popular hiking destination that delights not only with historical insights but also with fantastic views over Meran, Val d’Adige/Etschtal, and the surrounding mountains.

Distance: 22.9km

Passo del Rombo/Timmelsjoch

The Passo del Rombo/Timmelsjoch is a border pass that connects the Austrian Ötztal valley with South Tyrol’s Val Passiria/Passeiertal. On the Italian side, the road leads up to the 2,509m high pass in over 44 hairpin bends – the surrounding nature and the views will leave you marvelling the entire way. Along the route, “The Timmelsjoch Experience” offers interesting insights into the nature, culture, and history of this place, where once even smugglers got up to mischief. At the top, the Pass Museum awaits, paying tribute to the pioneers of the high Alpine road for their remarkable achievements.

Distance: 28.6km

The Knottnkino

Derived from the South Tyrolean words “Knottn” (rock) and “Kino” (cinema), the Knottnkino in Vöran on the Altopiano del Salto/Tschögglberg plateau promises a unique experience. The brainchild of local artist Franz Messner, this open-air cinema boasts 30 seats crafted from steel and wood. Here, the “film” continually evolves, influenced by shifting sunlight and weather patterns. The unmatched panoramic view stretches across the expansive Val d’Adige/Etschtal, reaching across to the magnificent Dolomites.

Distance: 34.8km

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