A sports hotel in South Tyrol: our aqua aerobics

The sport for anyone that is gentle on the joints

We offer aqua aerobics twice a week as part of our weekly programme at your sports hotel in South Tyrol – an ideal full body workout that keeps you fit while having fun and is also gentle on your joints.

Our fitness coach demonstrates the exercises to you and motivates you to do your very best with every exercise. The aqua aerobics is held in the indoor pool at your sports hotel in South Tyrol, swimming floats, weights and other equipment are used for this.

Aqua aerobics is very healthy. It promotes flexibility and stamina, strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system. A positive side effect? It’s sport with added wellness – as the workout is done in the water, the exercises are often easier to do even though the resistance of the water makes them more efficient. A 30 minute workout every day is enough to achieve your desired goal!

The aqua aerobic workout sessions always take place in the morning. Afterwards you feel happy and can start your indulgent day at the sports hotel in South Tyrol.